Posted 18th Mar 2016 17:16
Last Updated 18th Mar 2016 17:30
Fires don't just keep us warm and cosy, they represent the primal in us all.

Gas fire, a stove, or even an open fire; you, the cat, the dog, the kids; the whole family will be transfixed by the living flames at the heart of your cave.

Woodburner Workshop installed around 180 fires last year.
Some were luxurious 'built in' gas fires, many were stoves and some were open fires with classic stone surrounds.

We can work to your own ideas and designs or, we can design an installation for you.

Our installation teams are pleasant, clean and helpful to have in your home.


As you would expect, Each team is HETAS qualified to ensure the safety of you and yours.

So If it's a boat; caravan; garden room; a house without a chimney; Woodburner Workshop will have the right solution for you.

Call us today: 01455 552552 or pay us a visit and have a coffee with us at our showroom in Lutterworth, LE17 4EJ

You'll always find a warm welcome at Woodburner Workshop Ltd.

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Woodburner Workshop Small Works Team
Posted 28th Oct 2015 11:30
Last Updated 18th Mar 2016 17:41
As a response to our customers, who often ask us to undertake small construction related work that a general builder would find difficult to fit into their busy schedule, we have set up our Small Works Service.

We have a highly skilled and experienced team which are conversant with most aspects of the construction industry.

For instance, a client may want a dividing wall taken down or a chimney built. It could be a plastering job or, indeed, a wall re-building.

Many of the small jobs we are asked to undertake are related to fire installations, but not exclusively so.

If we can be of service to you, please call Tim Sullivan on 01455 552552
or 07496 267295

You can also contact Tim by emailing: info@woodburnerworkshop.co.uk and mark your mail for his attention.
Your Welfare is Our Concern
Posted 18th Nov 2013 15:56
Last Updated 18th Mar 2016 17:25
There are many stove sales outlets on the internet, but we know from experience they are often not all they appear to be. For instance, a flashy banner fronting a website may well disguise the domestic garage or garden shed from which the appliance is dispatched. When Woodburner Workshop accepts a delivery from our suppliers any faults are identified and the supplier exchanges immediately. There is a chain of protection which our customers can rely upon.

A frequent question, often asked by our many customers, is, Why don't you supply prices on all of your website?

As frustrating as this is to our customers many of the top brands for which we are agents, Clearview, Dru and Bellfires etc., have over the years striven to create a dealer network that would provide the buyers of their products with a stable after sales, care and service platform.

The advantages are three fold: the manufacture does not have to handle issues arising from incompetent installations; we at Woodburner Workshop get to install a quality product that we know will not let our customers down; and of course the customer can rest assured that their, not inconsiderable, investment will not fail them in future years and their families can enjoy the warmth of an appliance secure in the knowledge that it has been installed by competent engineers.

Does Woodburner Workshop sell on a Cash and Carry basis?

Yes we do. We can also facilitate distance sales.

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